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Watch Montañita's webinar about transgender men:

Framework & Values

An overview of how I approach my work, and my overall goals.

Impact Over Intent

Understanding the difference and importance of the impact of our words and actions, despite our good intentions. Identifying and addressing guilt, shame, and internalized social narratives about good vs bad people.

Rehabilitation Over Punishment

Reframing our understanding of "safe spaces" in an oppressive world, even in progressive groups. Creating cultures and processes that move away from punishment and towards rehabilitation. Creating intentional, trauma-informed recovery plans for when discomfort, harm and crises occur.

Defining Whiteness

Understanding the importance and relevance of defining and addressing white norms and identity, as well as the importance of adopting Indigenous thought ways and practices responsibly.


How to identify, develop and communicate about capacity and boundaries. Creating cultures and processes for consent and accountability. Creating practices and processes to alleviate minoritized people from the historical mental, emotional and physical labor we have come to demand and expect of them.


Identifying and being honest about gaps and weaknesses. Taking steps to ensure that language is matched by action and resources. Creating group cultures for leaning into discomfort and unknowing.

Accomplices Not Allies

The importance of investigating and questioning saviorism, tokenism and virtue signaling in progressive spaces. How to create cultures of intentionality and trust. Reframing discomfort as opportunities to learn. How to responsibly care for the most marginalized individuals within a company, organization or group.

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