Mónti Rosa


Bienvenidx, welcome.

Mónti is short for montañita, or "little mountain" in Spanish. My family is from the central and southern Andes regions of South America, the longest mountain range on earth, and I believe the natural world is an excellent model for creating strong foundations, generating positive growth, and achieving sustainable cycles.

At my core identity, I’m a builder. I help technical experts and diverse teams come together to bring a common vision to life. My career in the nonprofit world prepared me well for the construction field. All this time, I have been embodying project management frameworks, values, and practices without the proper terminology or support - until now. I have had to find and create solutions to complex real world, high-stakes problems, requiring advanced skills in analysis, planning, scheduling, documentation, and most importantly, communication and collaboration.

Construction projects in the United States are currently up to 50% inefficient, facing immense ecological change, and severely lacking diversity and youth to lead innovation efforts. I feel called to tackle these challenges in an industry that is foundational to a resilient society with my unique background, talents and perspectives as we see significant change over the next two decades due to increased demand, and the impact of new technologies.